It’s time to talk to your daughters about sex. After all, everyone else is!

By Nina Wolf, Utah State Liaison, Moms for America

In school, girls are learning about human sexuality and relationships in classes often developed in partnership with Planned Parenthood. Popular magazines, like Cosmopolitan, are highlighting the pleasures of various positions and techniques. The colleges where our daughters pursue a higher education have sponsored “Sex Week”  activities showcasing every manner of perversion. The Internet has been a blessing, bringing the wealth of human knowledge to our homes…but it also has a dark side. A shocking 51% of 11-13 year old children have been exposed to online pornography. By the age of 14-15 that number jumps to 66%.

Please, Moms, if you don’t teach your daughters about sex how will they know?

How will they understand the power they hold as women? I know it is a cliche but the old saw about “getting the milk for free” is rooted in truth. Moms, you need to teach your girls that men who do not need to commit to a young woman in order to get sex will not commit to a young woman because she gave him sex. Let me repeat: giving him what he wants will not make him stay! Too many young ladies feel pressured to be sexual so that they can keep a boyfriend. The world around us is trying to convince girls that sexual promiscuity is normal and desirable. If we do not teach them otherwise they will believe it.

Teach your daughters that they can be the source of civilization. When sex is given its proper and honored place, binding marriages together, men become husbands and fathers. Don’t for one moment imagine that this is a trivial change. There is a sense of responsibility that comes with being a husband  that simply doesn’t happen for a mere “boyfriend”. Men who marry make more money and are more successful in their careers. They enjoy better health than their bachelor counterparts. And, contrary to popular belief, they have a more satisfying sex life than single men who are playing the field. Most important, marriage focuses a man’s energy and effort into the support and building of a family. Our cities are full of the proof that unbridled and unguided young men cause social havoc. Much of the crime of our day can be traced to young men who were not gifted with a father in their home. Moms, teach your daughters. Young women have the power to hold young men to a higher standard than casual sex.

Unless we teach them, how will our beautiful daughters know about the deep and abiding bond that loving sex can be within a marriage? About the beauty of a man and a woman giving themselves to each other and to no other? How will they learn about what it is like to feel truly safe within the covenant relationship that a true marriage is meant to be? Too many young ladies are growing up thinking that marriage is an impossible dream destined for failure or, worse, a trap for women. It is up to us to show them that they can make the wise decisions which will make that dream thrive. We must help them see that marriage, far from trapping a strong woman, can empower her and give her a circle of influence that has no limit. Help your daughters to understand that the loving home they build will be a safe foundation as they extend their efforts into the world around them.

Everyone else is already talking to them. Please, Moms, talk to your precious girls about sex…so they will know the truth.

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