Day With A Mother

A Day Without A Woman? Or…A Day with A Mother!

On March 8, 2018, Feminists pronounced International Women’s Day as “A Day Without A Woman” encouraging women to stay home from work, school and avoid shopping to show the world what it’s like without women. We had a better idea–show the world what it’s like with us! For the past two years, that’s exactly what we’ve done! Moms across the country united with friends and neighbors to show the world what its like with us–being seen and heard doing good right where we are.  Hundreds of acts of service have been performed by mothers in cities across the country and this year we’re doing it again!

Be Seen & Heard Doing Good Where You Are!

Instead of wearing red, we’re encouraging women and families to wear lavender—a color that represents refinement, grace, devotion and love. Lavender is a shade of purple which is the color of royalty—because where all daughters of God—and it is red, white and blue blended together. It is a color that unites us and represents the best in us. So wear our lavender on March 8th!

Find ways to serve in your community, shop local family-owned business, if you work give your best, wear lavender and show your employer you’re spending a day with a mother…your welcome! Be the light in your community on March 8th and let’s show the world what it’s like with us! is an awesome website created to help you find service opportunities in your community.  Just Serve connects people who need help with people who want to give help.  From small projects to big, Just Serve is a great resource for anyone wanting to serve in their community. For More ideas on ways to serve and be the light where you are–as well as great projects kids and teens can do visit our Service Page.

History of International Women’s Day & the Women’s Movement

International Women’s Day is recognized worldwide as a day to celebrate the attributes and contributions of women in societies around the world. In many countries it is even recognized as a national holiday. Though the designation of the day began in the early 1900’s as part of the suffragist movement, it never really took root in the United States.

Moms for AmericaWhat started out as a battle to secure the women’s right to vote–which was already protected in the Constitution–turned into an aggressive movement of women culminating in the Women’s March in January 2017.

The original suffragists saw this movement coming and warned against it. In the U.S. Capitol there is a Statuary Hall displaying 35 statues. One is of a woman–Frances Willard–who was the founder and first president of the National Council of Women.  In 1888, she delivered a speech: Dawn of Womans Day.  On March 8th, a day set aside for women, it is fitting to review the original intentions of the founders of the women’s movement.

Mothering was to be the central idea of the new movement.  This movement ‘for home and humanity’ was met with an enthusiastic and spontaneous reaction among women.

Frances declared: “From this time on the world will have in it no active, organic force so strong for its uplifting as its organized mother hearts….women in council working to improve the sanctuary of their hearts . . . ” Frances continued: “When the mother learns the divine secrets of her power . .  Then shall the blessed prophecy of the world’s peace come true….Mother love works magic for humanity, but organized mother-love works miracles.  Mother-hearted women are called to be the saviors of the [human]race.”

A white ribbon campaign was begun, with the motto: “Hearts within, God O’erhead”

Moms for AmericaSusan B. Anthony, a famous American suffragist, was once asked by a publicist “…with your great head and heart, you, of all women I have met, ought to have been a wife and mother.”

Susan resplied, “I thank you sir, for what I take to be the highest compliment, but sweeter even than to have had the joy of caring for children of my own has it been to me to help bring about a better state of things for mothers generally…”

Moms for AmericaIn her speech, Frances Willard admonished women to read a book written by Frances Cobbe entitled “The Duties of Women”. Frances Cobbe was also one of the original suffragists. Seeing this radical movement of feminists who would one day proclaim themselves “nasty,” Frances warned of what was to come if suffragists embraced such a movement.

After a call  ‘to recognize how noble and brave and beautiful is the ideal of womanly virtue in which we are bound to lift ourselves up . . .”, Frances Cobbe issued a stern warning: “I have striven to warn my hearers against…that adoption of looser and more ‘Bohemian’ manners, and worst of all, that fatal laxity of judgment regarding grave moral transgressions, which have appeared of late years among us as the inevitable extravagance of reaction from earlier strictness.

“These faults and mistakes constitute, I conceive, deadly perils to the whole movement for the advancement of women, and with all my strength I would implore every woman who sympathizes with that movement to set her face like flint against them…

“It is our task to make society more pure, more free from vice, …than it has ever been before…

“If women were to become…less conscientious, less unselfish, less temperate, less chaste,–then I should say, “For Heaven’s sake, let us stay where we are!  Nothing we can gain would be worth such a loss.”

At Moms for America® we recognize the powerful influence of women in society and culture—for good or evil. We choose good!

Feminists promote their agenda with chaos, anger, disrespect and callousness.  We provide women a platform to do the exact opposite—promoting our message with thoughtfulness, joy, truth, and compassion. When feminists launch “A Day without a Woman” we launch “A Day with a Mother.”  When they say “the future is female” we declare the future is families. When they tout “fearless women” we celebrate “courageous mothers.”

We can’t fight darkness with darkness. It is up to us, the mothers of America, to dispel the darkness.  And the only way to do that is to turn on the light!

To Frances Willard, Susan B. Anthony, Frances Cobbe and other women who blazed the trail and opened up a path of education and opportunity for women–we thank you.  We honor you.  And today, we pick up the torch that somehow got dropped along the way and remember that it is the hearts of mothers who are the saviors of the race.  We will strive to help women realize the divine secrets of their power as we re-affirm the conviction that while mother love will work magic for humanity, organized mother-love will work miracles!

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