Liberty Pledge Action Items

Mothers Pledge


A wallet size pledge card may be downloaded and printed as a constant reminder of the key principles we must live by to preserve our liberties. Download a wallet-size copy of your pledge card. Front and back sides are shown. Recommended: Print on card stock, sign and fold in half to carry in the wallet as a reminder of your pledge to liberty.

Click on the links below to discover the many opportunities available to get involved with the preservation of liberty.

Parent Education
Family Education
  • Have a family meal time once a day and discuss important issues. See Moms for America Table Talk program.
  • Hold a family story hour each day and read stories about the founding and establishment of America. See Libraries of Hope – Freedom Series and Story Bible.
  • Plan a family vacation to visit American historical sites
  • Watch the feature film “A More Perfect Union” together as a family. See our full list of great films you can watch together to promote principles of liberty and virtue in your home
Neighborhood and Community Education
Constitution Classes
K-12 Education
Constitution Restoration Movement