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MOM TALKS by Moms for America
A MOM TALK is a video created at one of our satellite events – MOM TALKS CONFERENCES. Each MOM TALK is limited to a maximum length of 15 minutes. It may be on any topic from parenting to public policy that inspires and/or promotes motherhood, liberty, family life, American history, individual greatness, freedom, leadership, government affairs, culture, etc.
Mom Talks
How to Organize your Very Own MOM TALK Event

MOM TALKS offer a variety of flexible event formats for you to choose from.

  • Midweek event 6:00 – 9:00 pm ( refreshment break)
  • Saturday Full Day 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (lunch break)
  • Saturday Half Day 9:00 am – 2:00 pm (lunch break)

Standard events are up to 100 guests. Larger events are up to 500. Mom Talks cover a range of topics.
Depending on length and format of each Moms Talk tickets may be priced from $25 to $75 each

Event Program

Collectively we will come up with a theme for your event and give it a name. Look for research, discoveries,
insights, issues and solutions coming out of your community that affect our culture, country, and family life.


Put out the word to your friends, family or colleagues that you’re organizing a MOM TALKevent and see who
wants to get involved. Each person on your team should be designated a role that fits their specific skill set.
We suggest at least 5 volunteers.

MOM TALK needs…

  • Ability to project and watch videos
  • A stage for the host and live speakers, microphone, headset, etc
  • Stage lighting, podium
  • A location for food and beverage setup
  • Conveniently located bathrooms
  • Space for sponsor materials, speakers, etc. (tables)
  • Timer

In terms of design, every stage is required to include an official MOMS TALK logo banner that we will provide.
You can use props and visual elements to showcase your region, city, or local culture, and you’ll need to light
the stage for video production.


Your speakers can only talk for a maximum of 15 minutes (you will need a timer on stage), but talks can be as
short as five minutes. The talks can focus on one big worldview idea or topics ranging from parenting to public
policy. MOM TALK speakers cannot be paid but their travel and lodging may be compensated.


Mom Talk events cannot be used to generate a profit. While you may charge for tickets, this can only be used
to cover costs. All excess funds should go back into Moms for America for subsequent events. Sponsorship can
help pay for things you need such as the venue, food and beverage, and audiovisual equipment.

Event Promotion

To promote your local event we suggest you design a Facebook invite that you can share with local groups,
friends and networks. We will also promote the event on all our social media outlets as well. Moms for America
will provide a link for tickets sales and our team will handle this aspect. We encourage you to build a community
around your event even before it takes place.


It’s essential to capture the action on the day and share it. A professional photrapher is highly recommended and
cell phone pictures encouraged. Use #MomTalks when sharing on social media. Please share photos withMoms
for America and our Mom Talks team so we can post on our website and social media sites to highlight your event
and promote future events. Mom Talks Team Members will livestream the event on our Moms for America Facebook
pages and encourage you to do so as well. Once the videos of the speakers’ talks are edited, we will post them our
Mom Talks YouTube Channel and share far and wide through social media making every message timeless.

Final thoughts

MOM TALK events attract exciting speakers, engaged audiences and enthusiastic sponsors. Our audiences are
inspired in powerful ways through each of our events. This movement encourages Moms in their important role
as mothers and inspires them as they raise the next generation of world changers.


All MOM TALK coordination is handled through our team. We are excited to work together on this project with you.
All inquiries, dates, speaker suggestions, venue and topics will need to be sent to:

Debbie Kraulidis – debk@
Director of Production and Events

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