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There are many facets of each of the issues outlined below. We want to help you develop an understanding of the basic arguments and thought process behind these discussions. In order to do that, we provide an article that provides a realistic picture of the positions held on each side of the debate. We are also including an article that provides further aspects to consider on each topic that give more depth as you think through these positions. We hope the materials we have provided will promote a meaningful, edifying, and enlightening discussion for your MomiU groups!

Please note that Moms for America does not endorse the ideas and opinions outlined in the materials provided for your discussion. It is important to carefully evaluate every point of view available to you and come to a conclusion based on truth.

Let’s talk about… ABORTION

Why Science Strengthens the Pro Life Argument

Emotions run high on an issue as polarizing as abortion! The further that scientific discovery advances, the clearer it becomes that the Pro Life cause is based more firmly on facts, science, and reason than the abortion lobby has ever been.

National Abortion Federation Fact Sheet
Even if your mind is already made up on a polarizing issue like abortion, it is vital that we examine the arguments that each thought process stands on as a foundation. This link from the National Abortion Federation provides some “Abortion Facts” according to the leading voices in favor of abortion. We recommend taking a look at the headings “Safety of Abortion,” “Post Abortion Issues,” and “Crises Pregnancy Centers.” Think about how you would respond to the information and concerns that proponents of abortion actually

Food for Thought…
When Reason Does Not Suffice: Why Our Culture Still Accepts Abortion
Even if you are completely against abortion, there is an underlying deceit at work in the pro-choice rhetoric that is appealing to all of us. It started in the Garden of Eden, and we each have given in to it in some way or another. This is why facts and figures can only take us so far in debating this crucial issue. This article will make you confront the deeper issues we battle against in the fight for life!

Let’s talk about…MARIJUANA

Why We Should Not Legalize Marijuana
Marijuana has been a long held debate on both sides of the political spectrum. The long term effects of substance abuse, and the violence and crime that are associated with it are serious issues to consider. It is definitely important to discuss these concerns and weigh the dangers of legalization.

This Is Why Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere
The majority of Americans now favor legalizing marijuana, some solely for medical purposes and some for broader usage. The reasons for this support range from financial to practical and take a wide range of factors into account. This article contains some of the main arguments in favor of legalization.

Food for thought…
12 Pros & Cons Of Marijuana Legalization
It may be more crucial to examine a good pro/con list when you think you already know where you stand! Take a minute to review these arguments carefully and discuss both sides of this question so you can gain a firmer position on your own point of view.

Let’s talk about…GUN CONTROL

American Gun Ownership: The Positive Impacts of Law-Abiding Citizens Owning Firearms
Gun rights are enshrined in the Constitution of the United States, so why do we have to fight so diligently to keep those rights? This article helps give better understanding of the importance of the fact.

Is Gun Control Justified or an Infringement of Our Rights?
As you read the article be attentive to the different techniques used by the author to direct your emotions. See if you detect bias, if any that belies the innocuous question posed in the title.

Food for thought…
Florida Senate Advances Bill Allowing Armed Teachers
Are guns the problem? Or are soft targets a bigger problem? Take a minute to think about the the alternative school safety solutions presented in Florida this year and consider how we can best equip our schools to protect the students they serve.

Let’s talk about…BORDER SECURITY
The Importance of U.S.-Mexico Border Security
We hear it often “We are a nation of immigrants!” Is that a reason to throw open our borders and not vet those who enter? Learn the importance of border security and be prepared to defend your position.

Fact-Checking the DHS Border Presentation
When someone suggests they are “fact checking” it is important to know from where their facts are derived. How do you determine whose facts to trust? Here is an interesting article that purports to provide a look at the facts.

Food for thought…
Border Security Along the Southwest Border: Fact Sheet
Check their facts. Several articles, entities are claiming to provide facts. Where do we go to get the actual numbers and compare them to what is provided in the articles?

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