Moms for Trump Rally

Sunday, November 1st at 2:00 pm in Washington D.C.

We are meeting in front of the Supreme Court Building at 2:00 pm Eastern. We will have a short rally with a few speakers and then walk to the White House as a group to show our support for the President.




Why Are We Gathering?

Moms support the President because he supports and advances the American principles and values moms care about.

Moms across America will unite together in person or in spirit in a nationwide Moms Rally to support President Trump. There are forces at work hellbent on destroying everything America stands for–the very principles and values that made the United States the freest, most prosperous nation on earth. For the last four years, we have seen one attack after another hurled at the President and yet, he gets up and faces every day, never giving up, because he believes in the American Dream.

The Rallies popping up all over the country to support the president,  are the voice of the people. It is our way of uniting together to stand with the president to keep America strong, ensure the Constitution stands, and the Republic is restored.

With Suburban moms being the swing-vote decision in this election, there is no better time to gather as mothers across the nation to stand for those things that unite us.  If you love God, respect life, revere family and cherish freedom, then we invite you to rally with us November 1st in Washington D.C. or wherever you are to stand for truth, family, freedom and the Constitution. After all, that’s what these rallies and “Make/Keep America Great” is all about!

Where Are We Gathering?

Moms can join us in Washington D.C. or Rally in your own state or community. Just pick a time and place and reach out to other moms to let them know where you’ll be. You can also join with other rallies and meetups already scheduled.  There are car parades and walking rallies happening all over the country on November 1st.  You can also just gather with other moms in your front yard or a street corner in your neighborhood.  You’d be surprised how many people honk at “Honk for…” signs.

What Should We Wear?

Patriotic hats, shirts and jackets are always a good choice.  Make sure and check the weather where you’ll be when deciding what to wear.  You can always wear a sweatshirt over your favorite T-Shirt if the weather is cold.

What About Signs?

If you have Trump signs or flags feel free to bring them. There will be Moms for Trump and other signs handed out at the D.C. event. Homemade are GREAT! Feel free to get creative and have the kids join in to make it fun.  Since this is a Moms Rally, any sign that reflects that would be good choice.

Creating A Movement–RECORD! RECORD!

We are the new media, so please, turn on your phones and record!  If it isn’t documented it didn’t happen. And if you really want to create a movement, use hashtags so we can tag and share each other’s posts. Big Tech is trying to silence us and the media is doing everything they can to ignore us.  But they can’t stop this patriotic storm if we all record, share and tag. Please use any or all of the following hashtags when posting so we can keep the movement going!

#MomsForAmerica #MamaBearsUnite #MomsForTrump #OneNationUnited #KAGA

See the article “Big Tech is Panicking” Let’s unite on November 1st and flood their platforms with Moms for Trump to keep them panicked. 🙂


If you have any questions, need directions or would like us to post an event in your community, contact Vivian Brown at or by phone at 937 477 5200.

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