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Moms for America Holds Press Conference with Gold Star Families and Members of Congress at U.S. Capitol on September 17th–Constitution Day

On July 4th Moms for America held a Gold Star Rally for Freedom to defend the Constitution and stand boldly against the socialism being pushed and promoted by some of our own members of Congress. It was an honor to host the brave family members of fallen service members at our nation’s capital. We’re so grateful for the many contributions we received that enabled us to stand side by side with Gold Star wives and mothers to boldly raise our voice against the rising tide of socialism. Watch the highlight reel from this incredible event below!

The Gold Star Rally for Freedom was just the beginning. The one thing we heard from these Gold Star wives and mothers over and over again was that their family members gave their lives for freedom and they expect members of Congress to honor their sacrifice by preserving the freedoms they paid the ultimate price for. It is for that reason we drafted a Congressional Gold Star Pledge and asked members of Congress to sign it. Our team of moms, including many Gold Star Moms, have spent the last few weeks reaching out to members of Congress in their home states urging them to sign the pledge.

On September 17th, Constitution Day, we are heading back to the capitol to hold a press conference with members of Congress, Gold Star wives and mothers and moms from around the country to release the Congressional Pledge to the America people.


The Pledge States:

In recognition of the tremendous sacrifices made throughout our nation’s history, and in honor of America’s Gold Star families who’ve paid the ultimate price for freedom, I affirm my oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and pledge to maintain and promote its standard of liberty for ourselves and our posterity. I further pledge and promise that I will stand firm in the fight to secure our Representative Republic and will do everything in my power to make sure America never becomes a Socialist country.

In all honesty, any member of congress who feels they can’t sign this pledge shouldn’t be serving in Congress. And on Election Day, we can ensure they don’t’. It is our sincere hope this pledge will compel the members of the United States Congress to honor the sacrifice of our men and women in uniform have made and uphold their solemn duty to defend the Constitution of the United States.

TIME & LOCATION of Press Conference

You are welcome to join us live at the Capitol or via Live Stream on our Facebook page. The Press Conference will be 4:00 PM Eastern at Congressional Triangle adjacent to the Capitol Building (Across the street from Rayburn House Office Building). You can also support our efforts with a Tax-deductible donation.

If you have any questions you can email us at or call 937 477 5200.


Ask Your Members of Congress to Sign!

You can Download the Pledge, and letter explaining it, to send to your own member of Congress and ask them to sign. Please email us and let us know when they sign and we will add their names to the list on our website so America can see who is standing firm for freedom and the Constitution. Please scan and email us a copy of the pledge with their signature. We’d like to know if they refuse to sign as well.

How to Contact Your Members of Congress

You can find who your Senators and Congressman are and their contact info at the following links. We recommend calling the DC offices to get the best email to send the letter and pledge to and then follow up with additional phone calls until you get a yes or no on whether they will sign.

Congress Web  (this site provides a list of key staffers)

Contact Congress 

U.S. House of Representatives (find your Congressman)

U.S. Senate (find your Senators)

Letter and Pledge

Letter and Pledge (pdf)
Letter and Pledge (Word Doc)
Just the Pledge (single signer)
Just the Pledge (multiple signers)

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