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With the upcoming school year and the complete uncertainty of what that means in todays totally unnormal environment, we know a lot of moms are finding themselves schooling from home by choice or circumstance.  We have compiled our favorite resources to jumpstart your school year with style to help you provide happy, meaningful, and educationally rich experiences for your children whether schooling from home in the short term or taking that exciting adventure full time.

This is also a great time to really help your children dig in and spend hours doing or learning something they love or are passionate about. There are TONS of documentaries on the streaming services that they might enjoy and learn a lot from. Thanks to the help of Sheila Haaga, a home school mom from Texas and former public school teacher, we have created a Big List of great resources. Sheila gathered tons of fun free learning options for all ages from toddlers to AP students and adults. Some are always free and some are only free during Covid-19. We love how everyone is pitching in with their time and resources to support families during this time. #MomsHelpingMoms

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Hearthstone Education Plan was developed Moms for America to as a resource and guide to help parents nurture a love of learning in their children, foster the values that lead to good citizenship, and develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed and excel in life. Hearthstone is a heart-based, student-centered, parent-guided plan designed to educate the heart, not only in the principles of reading, writing, and arithmetic but also in the principles of liberty. The Hearthstone Education Plan is flexible and versatile so its an excellent resource for families during this time.
Heritage Foundation has put together an incredible list of educational resources in their online Curriculum Library. If we were going to compile a list of the best resources to teach freedom from a Biblical worldview, this would be the list we’d create. But there is so much more. They have compiled resources and curriculum in all subjects for all age levels from elementary to high school. So dive in!
Libraries of Hope is one of the best resources on the web. Marlene Peterson, the founder, has spent the last two decades painstakingly collecting and compiling a library of the best books to inspire a love of liberty and good character in the hearts of our children. She has gathered this stories in beautiful reprints but she has also compiled them from internet archives creating a free online library by topic, historic time period and subject. There is so much in this website to explore and we highly recommend taking the time visit every nook and cranny. You’ll be glad you did!
Homeschool Moms2Moms is a sister site created Moms for America in partnership with Bellevue University. It is full of videos and resources from moms and dads who made the homeschool choice and their experience in doing so. It is a GREAT resource for encouragement and ideas for the many families who now find themselves schooling from home. As a note, be advised the Smart Degree program portion of the website has been discontinued at this time.

Mom Homeschool Blogs

Blogs written by homeschooling mothers not only provide useful resources like suggested books, websites, printable worksheets and activities, but they also offer practical tips for organizing the day and inspiration for weary parents. Check out Simple Homeschool, Hip Homeschool Moms, and Practical, by Default (this blog is specifically for working moms). These mom bloggers all include encouraging articles for parents having to adjust to life as temporary homeschoolers because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Additional Resources

  • Kahn Academy is an online platform that provides free, high quality educational videos that allow students to work at their own pace. Their lessons cover K-12 math through early college, grammar, history, and more.
  • Prager University makes exceptional short videos that promote Judeo-Christian values and critical thinking on current issues. The educational content in their videos is ideal for middle and high school students who are learning to navigate the world of ideas, by helping students identify key issues and learn about trending news stories.
  • Online homeschool communities like Homeschool Compass and Teach Them Diligently include grade specific tools and resources for parents, ranging from how to teach math and language arts, to topics like how to manage your time to meet all the demands of home and family.
  • Home School Legal Defense Association, a nonprofit ministry founded to defend and advance parental rights and the freedom to direct their child’s education, has a wealth of information and links for both new and veteran homeschoolers, including help for struggling learners, advice for teaching every grade, and preparing kids for college.

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