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Common Core

What Do You Know About Common Core?

Common Core is a national educational initiative to further increase the standardization of public school education. Thus far, the more that becomes known about Common Core, the more the opposition to it increases. It has become a focus of controversy in states across the country. The more parents understand about this initiative the better equipped they will be to protect their children. The following presentations are very helpful to understand more about this educational initiative:

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Liberty’s Hope

Knickerbockers (ages 3-8)

These children may participate in all projects that parents deem appropriate for their child.

Activity Sheets and Resources

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Miracle of the Poppy

Beautiful, unique historical documents will create respect and admiration for our veterans and liberty. Documents include letters and correspondence between families, photos, advertisements, postcards, military cartoons, and telegrams. Study these documents of Vitold Skrzypczak’s (pronounced SCRIP-CHECK) life in military service and teach students to look for text evidence and inferences in documents. PDF copy available per request by email.

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Lady Liberty

Meet Lady Liberty! Why is she a symbol of America? Where did she come from? Learn about immigration in the early 1900s and the refuge America is for people around the world. Math, art, and language arts are infused in this lesson in unforgettable ways.

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Liberty’s Vision

Join the signers of the Declaration of Independence, understand the importance of a keystone, and see how our liberty is protected.

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Thank you, America

Students Will Value and Practice Gratitude In Their Lives Which Will Increase Their Self-Esteem and Happiness In Living. Have you ever wondered where the tradition of the American Thanksgiving began? This lesson is focused on the power of the written word. Sarah Hales’ letters and President Lincoln’s pivotal speeches and proclamations in the year 1863 teach students that in the midst of American tragedy, having an attitude of gratitude united our nation.

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Raising the Standard, Understanding our Constitution

Teach the purpose and meaning of the Constitution to students with this integrated, engaging lesson plan. This lesson defines and illustrates our form of government through differentiated instruction. The three branches of government and voting are explained in memorable, applicable ways. With language arts, math, and science our Constitution will be understandable and exciting to students, teachers, and families.

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America’s Honor Team

Students will be a member of America’s Honor Team as they learn about our veterans and their acts of valor in receiving the medal of honor. They will understand that these honorable men and women protect and provide our freedom, and because of them, we have civil rights and liberties. Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Ruby Bridges are given honor for their actions that help us remember we are all created equal. Media-rich resources inspire you to teach with differentiated instruction.

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I Spy a Patriot

Through this unique multimedia, integrated lesson children will understand how to be a patriot. Learning about the earliest patriots in our country will help them recognize the patriots of our time, including the heroes of 9/11 and the everyday actions of patriots living in their communities. You will teach students to understand the Declaration of Independence, to love home and country, and to recognize the power of giving. Assessing their understanding through language arts, science, and critical thinking will enable you to engage your students and promote growth in learning.

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The Star Spangled Banner

In this lesson, the symbols of America are easily and beautifully taught through music, math, art, social studies and language arts. Students and families will love to experience the creation of our Star Spangled Banner and understand its magnitude through graphing and geometry. They will learn to express their respect for America and her symbols through art, music, and poetry. Using this unique multi-media and cooperative learning lesson, teaching American symbols will be an unforgettable experience.

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